Level 1 Support

SMPL shall assist End-User by telephone or electronic mail, in identifying the problem in the Product based on the information provided by the End-User.

Level 2 Support

SMPL shall address the problem and provide solutions to the same by providing information assistance, support releases, workarounds, update disks, immediate disk correction, patches, or other available solutions.

Level 3 Support

In the event that Level 2 Support does not address the problem Faced by the End-User, SMPL shall provide reasonable efforts to fix the errors in the Product and to regularize the functioning of the product. If SMPL is unable to resolve an issue by giving support via telephone or mail, then the End-User shall to provide remote access to their server to the technical support of SMPL for trouble shooting and resolution. Even after using remote access if the issue is not resolved, then based on an approval from End-User, SMPL shall arrange for on-site visit of its consultant to trouble shoot and resolve the issue.